Individual design

We can also create a customised design for you, containing your logo, colours and typefaces allowing you to represent your content based on your corporate identity.

Clear user interface

The interface is clearly arranged and easy to understand. All of your content can be monitored, without operating by yourself. Furthermore, there is a zoom function to present the most important content in a extended way.

Individual content

OnAirRadar includes Facebook, Twitter and Google+, but also Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and Soundcloud. You also able to include individual sources like mails, sms or other feeds.

Data security

All of your data stays on our servers not longer than being imaged in OnAirRadar. Moreover our servers are located in Germany. There's no need to enter the login details of your social network.

Amount of users

Any amount of users can use the OnAirRadar at same time. So you're able to use OnAirRadar internally or externally for events. Of course the access to the client application can be protected by user name and password.

Intuitive backend

Our dashboard gives summary of the number of listed posts. Additionally you’re able to administrate and edit your lists.

Convince yourself

Test the OnAirRadar

Ask for your personal test account and see how clearly arranged and intuitive OnAirRadar is.

Please give us your name and mail address at and we're going to send you immediately your personal login.

OnAirRadar Clients

Our first clients are Sportschau and WDR with all connected radio stations.
The OnAirRadar is used in online-editorial offices, but also in recording studio giving presenters access to every important content.

OnAirRadar Studio

The classic version of the OnAirRadar is being used in the online-editorial offices and recording studios. the WDR uses a modified version of the OnAirRadar as a curated stream, which only shows editorial content that is being postet into the backend.

OnAir Radar Event

The OnAirRadar could also be used externally as a presentation wall for events or in areas with customer contact. At the radio award 1LIVE Krone, Germanys biggest radio award, the OnAirRadar was used as a media wall to display social media activities in real-time.

Sabine Heinrich, 1LIVE Moderatorin

OnAirRadar is the perfect tool to get an overview about all relevant content. I can react and answer immediately on input of our listeners, regardless of used channels.

Sabine Heinrich, 1LIVE Radio Host Image: © WDR/Isabell von Glahn

Sabine Heinrich, 1LIVE Moderatorin

Everything I do on radio is produced in time. I need the ability to respond rapidly and flexibly on sms, mails and social media content. Therefore the OnAirRadar is essential for me to monitor all relevant sources. I refer to latest posts and tweets by celebrities and musicians, especially in music moderations. So, the OnAirRadar is a must-have in my daily business.

Torsten Schorn, 1LIVE Radio Host Image: © WDR/Anika Fußwinkel


We think it’s important to offer custom solutions. The price is determined by your individual needs. That means for example a generic or individual design, suitable for your brand guideline.


  • generic interface with your logo
  • hosting of your data
  • reservation and hosting of your domain
  • certificates
  • flexible period of contract
  • one-time setup fee
  • monthly, quarterly or annual payments


  • our designers create an individual interface following your preferences and corporate design
  • hosting of your data
  • reservation and hosting of your domain
  • certificates
  • flexible period of contract
  • one-time setup fee
  • mmonthly, quarterly or annual payments

* one-time setup fee.


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